How to choose the correct Montessori school near you?

Time to choose preschool – but how should we think? How important is the size of the group? Staff training? And education – Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia?

All we want of course to choose a good preschool as possible to our children. But it is possible to pre-form an opinion about a  school is good or not? So here are some things to consider.

– Start by thinking about what you as parents think is important.

Visit the nursery

The next step is to visit the nursery, and then there are some specific things you can look for.
– Is the nursery furnishings for kids or for adults? For example, the material of child height? Sitting photos and drawings for children’s or parents’ height? Are there traces of the children, there is the opportunity to play here?
He also thinks that one should take the opportunity to talk to both pre-school manager and staff.

Leadership is critical to how the work, he says.

Ask employees if they thrive, if done employee surveys in the workplace and whether they would be willing to have their children in preschool.

You may not get a completely honest answer, but you can see at least how they react.

The staff’s level of education, how important is it? There may of course be good personnel even if they are not preschool, but if there are no preschool at all, I would definitely pull the ears for me.

Size of the group then?

It is important, but you can also look at how the premises are used, if one can divide the group of children in small groups based on needs.

With the same critical eye, he thinks that one should view the montessori schools. Is there an educational thinking about spending time outdoors? It could be tires or logs that have been laid out on the ground; simple things that stimulate and challenge children.

Are you curious to read about early childhood pedagogies such as Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia?